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Corporate Travel

Travel Choice Egypt's aim is to help our customers control, plan and administer their travel and travel related expenses. Having developed our business over many years, Travel Choice Egypt is in a position to offer the widest possible range of services, covering everything from Meet & Assist to camel rides! We can arrange sightseeing tours all over Egypt, hotel and Nile cruise bookings and transportation, both for individual travellers and group arrivals. We can also provide visa facilities for inbound clients.

Travel Choice's international presence, supported by the latest technology and highly trained staff, result in our clients' ability to plan and book travel with confidence, anywhere in the world. Our customers can make significant savings on most of their travel arrangements, thanks to Travel Choice's position as a world's leading travel company.

Our Outbound Leisure Department can provide holiday packages abroad to a wide variety of destinations. In addition, package tours can be tailor-made for individuals or groups. We can also offer other facilities including car hire, hotel reservations, cruises and rail passes, using the services of our Worldwide Network.

On the financial front, most of our branches incorporate a foreign exchange bureau for a wide range of transactions - travellers' checks, foreign exchange, MasterCard, Visa, telegraphic transfers and Money Gram. We offer competitive rates and there is a 24-hour service at our offices inside Cairo's Airport.

Last, but by no means the least, Travel Choice has an active Quality & Customer Services Department to look after the needs of our clients and to constantly monitor our performance through a variety of quality initiative.

Travel Choice is committed to dedicating time and effort in the pursuit of an excellent standard of service for all our customers. In other words, exceptional service from exceptional people.

  • Proactive implementation of travel policy.
  • Responsive, accurate handling of travel arrangements.
  • Optimum use of travel expenditure.
  • Travel support and emergency assistance worldwide.
  • The management information essential to control travel costs.
  • Maximum value in supplier relationships.
  • Continuous assessment and improvement of our service, based on quality principles and practices.
  • Efficient after sales service.


If you'd like to know more about our business travel services, please email:

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