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Rouyn Y loop
Who should consider undergoing the procedure?
How is Loop Gastric bypass ("Mini-gastric bypass") performed?
How will the patient lose weight?
What are the common complications?
What are the health benefits of gastric bypass?
Where is this procedure offered?
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Who should consider undergoing the procedure?
For those whose BMI is more than 35 and suffer from serious medical complications

The Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, Roux-en-Y, first performed in 1993, is regarded as one of the most difficult procedures to perform by limited access techniques, but use of this method has greatly popularized the operation, with benefits which include shortened hospital stay, reduced discomfort, shorter recovery time, less scarring, and minimal risks
How is Loop Gastric bypass ("Mini-gastric bypass") performed?
The first use of the gastric bypass, in 1967, used a loop of small bowel for re-construction, rather than a Y-construction as is prevalent today. Although simpler to create, this approach allowed bile and pancreatic enzymes from the small bowel to enter the esophagus, sometimes causing severe inflammation and ulceration of either the stomach or the lower esophagus. Numerous studies show the loop reconstruction (Billroth II gastrojejunostomy) works more safely when placed low on the stomach. Thus even recently thousands of "loops" are used for general surgical procedures such as ulcer surgery, stomach cancer and injury to the stomach.
The Mini-Gastric Bypass, which uses the loop reconstruction, has been suggested as an alternative to the Roux en-Y procedure, due to the simplicity of its construction, which reduced the challenge of laparoscopic surgery.
How will the patient lose weight?
The loop reduces the size of the stomach by well over 90%. A normal stomach can stretch, sometimes to over 1000 ml, while the pouch may be 15 ml in size. The pouch is usually formed from the part of the stomach which is least susceptible to stretching. Most people do not stop eating simply in response to a feeling of fullness, but the patient rapidly learns that subsequent bites must be eaten very slowly and carefully.
What are the common complications?
  • Infection
  • Hemorrhage
  • Hernia
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Venous thromboembolism
What are the health benefits of gastric bypass?
Weight loss of 65 to 80% of excess body weight. The more significant effects are a dramatic reduction in co-morbid conditions:
  • Hyperlipidemia is corrected in over 70% of patients.
  • Essential hypertension is relieved in over 70% of patients, and medication requirements are usually reduced in the remainder.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea is markedly improved with weight loss . Snoring also improves in most patients.
  • Diabetes mellitus type 2 is reversed in up to 90% of patients, usually leading to a normal blood sugar.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease is relieved from the time of surgery in almost all patients.
  • Venous thromboembolic disease signs such as leg swelling are typically much improved.
  • Low back pain and joint pain are typically relieved or improved in nearly all patients.
Where is this procedure offered?
CityHospitalRemarkHSLoSPrice $
CairoDar Al Fouad Hospital 2-3 NightsTwo weeks 
CairoEsthetica Hospital 2-3 NightsTwo weeks 
CairoInternational Medical Center 2-3 NightsTwo weeks 
CairoWadi EL Neel Hospital 2-3 NightsTwo weeks 
El GounaEl Gouna Hospital 2-3 NightsTwo weeks 
HS: Hospital Stay       LoS: Length Of Stay
Procedure Request:

Please fill the Application Form yourself OR with the help of your treating doctor and e-mail it to; Place 'Rouyn Y loop Request' into the subject of your e-mail.

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