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Herniated Disc
How long is the length of stay for Herniated Disc Surgery?
How is the surgery performed?
What is the post-operative care?
What are the common risks and complications?
Where is this procedure offered?
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How long is the length of stay for Herniated Disc Surgery?
Normally, Herniated Disc Surgery will require 2 nights stay in the hospital. Post operative follow up and stitches removal will be done afterwards.
How is the surgery performed?
  • Endoscopic Micro-discectomy - Under Local Anesthesia a small incision is made to insert an endoscope for the surgeon to view the surgical area. Then, other tiny instruments are inserted to remove of the offending disc. Additional benefits include no general anesthesia, no dissection of muscles and tendons, and a shorter recovery time.

  • Discectomy, under general anesthesia invasive procedure is usually performed only when the endoscopic micro-discectomy is unsuccessful or not mandatory. Incision is made in the back, over the offending disc and then muscle and tendon are incised to reveal the offending disc. After removal of offending bone, tissue, and then the disc, muscles and tendon are reconnected. The incision is closed and a bandage is applied.

Spinal Fusion is also used to treat Herniated Disc.
The choice of procedure depends on patient case and the attending Neuro-surgeon opinion.
What is the post-operative care?
For endoscopic discectomy, the patient can return to work in a week. Most patients can return to moderate daily activities the day after endoscopic microdiscectomy, but most wait at least for one week before returning to work for fear of postoperative complications.
Open discectomy (traditional surgery) requires bandage changes, sutures removal, more rest and a longer recovery time, physiotherapy, and assistance at home during recovery.
What are the common risks and complications?
Open ( traditional) discectomy comes with the risks associated with invasive surgery:
  • Bleeding
  • DVT
  • Infection
Where is this procedure offered?
CityHospitalRemarkHSLoSPrice $
CairoDar Al Fouad Hospital 2 Nights7-10 Days 
CairoInternational Medical Center 2 Nights7-10 Days 
CairoSheikh Zayed Specialized Hosp. 2 Nights7-10 Days 
CairoWadi EL Neel Hospital 2 Nights7-10 Days 
El GounaEl Gouna Hospital 2 Nights7-10 Days 
HS: Hospital Stay       LoS: Length Of Stay
Procedure Request:

Please fill the Application Form yourself OR with the help of your treating doctor and e-mail it to; Place 'Herniated Disc Treatments Request' into the subject of your e-mail.

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