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Domestic Travel Care Insurance

Don't let unexpected events or illnesses ruin your vacation/trip inside Egypt.

We are pleased to announce that effective June 1st 2010 all Travel Choice domestic travelers will receive AIG Domestic travel insurance for their trip duration for up to 65 years old for only of EGP 20 per person per trip.

This Domestic Travel Care Insurance (D-Care Insurance) applies to all domestic airline tickets and hotel reservations, transportation.

D- Care Insurance Benefits/Limits (per person)

1.Emergency sickness medical expenses reimbursements - up to EGP 10,000 (Deductible of EGP 250 per claim)
2.Accidental Medical Expenses Reimbursement - up to EGP 10,000 (Deductible of EGP 250 per claim)
3.Total or Partial disabilities - up to EGP 50,000
4.Accidental Death - up to EGP 50,000

Important notes:

D-Care is valid for ages between 3 months and 65 years.
Maximum duration of insurance coverage is 10 days
D-Care does not cover in the city of insured residence and pre-existing medical conditions.
D-Care does not cover sports activities such as diving, snorkeling and parasailing.

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