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Mission Statement
Our mission is reflected in our philosophy and our philosophy is simple: Travel Choice strives to provide its clients with the answers and tools necessary to meet and exceed their expectations. We are experts in corporate, incentive travel & of course special events organization. For 135 years we have been using our expertise to fulfil our philosophy, which evolves around achieving ultimate client satisfaction.
Short Descriptions
1- Cairo
Cairo, Egypt's splendid capital is a city rich in history that encompasses many ancient cities & civilizations, regarded by many as "Mother of the World". Egypt is therefore considered a hub of cultural, social, intellectual, economic & political activity.

2- Alexandria
The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria, known widely as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", was once the ancient capital of Graeco-Roman Egypt, blessed with pleasant weather & marvellous sandy beaches.

3- Luxor
Luxor has often been called the world's greatest open-air museum, as the number and preservation of the monuments in the Luxor area are unparalleled anywhere else in the world; the city continues to attract more visitors everyday.

4- Aswan
Aswan, Egypt's sunniest southern city and ancient frontier with southern Africa, it has a distinctively African atmosphere. In Aswan the Nile is at its most beautiful, flowing through amber desert and granite rocks and tropical plants.

5- Hurghada
Hurghada was founded in the early 20th century, originally a small fishing village. But today, it has gone on to become the foremost tourist resort of the Red Sea coast and offering endless opportunities for anyone avid about aquatic sports.

6- Sharm El Sheikh
The simplicity of sun, sea and sand, the luxury of five-star hotels, water sports, shopping and entertainment, This is Sharm el-Sheikh, the most developed tourist resort on the Sinai Peninsula. It hosts all the amenities one could expect of a tourist centre.

7- Abu Simbel
Not only considered among the most fabulous ancient monuments on earth, but the two temples at Abu Simbel have witnessed historic removal & reconstruction process once threatened by submersion in Lake Nasser, the two temples were dismantled and raised over 60 meters up the sandstone cliff where they had been built more than 3,000 years before.

8- Desert Adventure
Through the ancient caravan routes, adventure starts with Bedouin hospitality of welcome drink & Zaffa performance, fresh dinner & experience of the Bedouin life through enjoying the folklore show; then a great opportunity to experience the desert's silence, healthy weather & bright sky.

9- Felucca Lunch
Once-in-a-lifetime lunch is a uniquely Egyptian experience, felucca is a traditional Nile sailing vessel altered into a deluxe dining place, guests will enjoy fresh lunch and barbecue, with on-board service staff, as you sail gently down the Nile.

10 - Oriental dinner by the Pyramid
A special oriental tent will be specially erected in the desert on a cliff overlooking the Great Pyramids. At night guests are invited to enjoy the famous hospitality of our Egyptian countryside. Upon arrival to the venue guests are welcomed by the famous Egyptian Zaffa of drummers, singers, horse dancing shows while an oriental welcome drink is served, inside the cheerfully decorated oriental tent full folkloric program will be on display while rich authentic Egyptian buffet is served.

11- Mameluke Night
You will be taken back in time to magic & enchantment tales of Shahrazade in the one thousand and one night; guests are invited to the Sultan's tent, our steel structure tent will be erected facing the Pyramids; a path lit by flaming torches leads guests through the desert to the fabulous Sultan's tent. Inside you will observe that the decoration of tent is completely innovative, all white from inside with swathes of fabrics covering the ceiling and plush carpets covering the whole ground.
On every step, tent is fully decorated with old treasure boxes, incense burners, pottery, ornaments, statues, and old rugs, truly an evening worthy of a Sultan!

12 - Elegant Night by the Pyramids
Guests are driven into the desert, the lights from the city receding into the background, most will expect a Bedouin tent to appear on the horizon, but instead, guests will be treated to a sumptuous banquet style tent all covered by white cloth from the interior, slim lanterns will light the tent, all tables are laid with stiff linen tablecloths, linen napkins, and floral displays, also all tables will be equipped with deluxe candelabras & candles flickering in the moonlight adorn the tables, which are set with shining silver cutlery and crystal glasses, lavish set-menu dinner will be served while soft background music plays.

13- Dinner on the Nile
Our venue is a private country club located outside Cairo serving the elite community of Cairo. A special tent with an open-air part will be built on a grassy island connected to the club by a small bridge. The tent's setup is innovative, with oriental sofas, low cushions and low brass tables. Enjoy watching the oriental show while having your dinner, which includes oriental and international buffet supplied by deluxe caterers. A special roofless tent adjacent to the main one will be arranged for testing & smoking different kinds of the famous Hubbly Bubbly (Shisha).

14 - Manial Palace
Manial palace was built by Prince Mohamed Aly the younger brother of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II between 1899 and 1929 The building has a remarkably wide range of authentic manuscripts, carpets, textiles and admirable Ottoman architecture. This is clearly shown in the " Golden Hall" with its stunning crystal antique chandeliers, in addition to the Lush tropical garden with rare plants from all over the world - event will start with cocktail reception in the Golden Hall followed by lavish set menu dinner at the Palace Garden that has beautiful rare plants and flowers.
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