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We plan... You enjoy!
Travel Choice Holiday offer the world's most enjoyable holidays, to exotic destinations in Egypt and abroad where everything is taken care of from beginning to end. Our customers don't have to do a single thing except, of course, to have a good time.

Our strategic mergers and alliances with the world's leading leisure travel agencies allow us to offer travelers a choice of world-class international holidays.

For customers traveling in Egypt, we provide the entire gamut of services from customized guided tours to arranged theme evenings.

Our goal is to help travelers, both foreign and domestic to rediscover the mystique of travel for travel's sake. The backing of our global brand gives our customers the confidence and the freedom to enjoy a host of activities designed especially for them.
International Travel
Need a break, a family vacation, camping, shopping...? We are pleased to offer you a variety of activities in many hot destinations around the world. Check our deals now!
International Holidays
Visit Egypt
Egypt is your dream vacation? Looking for special cruises, safari, sightseeing, and more? "Welcome to Egypt!" is the phrase you are going to hear everywhere you go. Try our best deals and offers.
Egypt Holidays
For over 150 years we have provided our clients a high level of service. We would love to provide you all the luxury you need to guarantee your statisfaction of our offers to you.
Luxury Travel
Plan Your Vacation
Plan your own vacation within all our available destinations. Make up the vacation of your own now!
Plan Your Vacation
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