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Discover the World with No Cash with CIB Prepaid MasterCard®

  • Instant Issuance at all CIB branches,Travel Choice and American Express Travel Services Egypt outlets.
  • No Bank Account is required.
  • Instant Reflection of the Payments onto the Card's Balance.
  • Possibility of Reloading the Card Remotely during Travel.
  • Worldwide Acceptance.
  • Enjoy Shopping Online Using your Card.
  • Get 50% discount on transfer to Cairo International Airport from any place in Cairo every time you book your trip with Travel Choice and American Express Travel Services Egypt( independently owned and operated by Kanoo & El Shabrawy ltd).
  • This offer is only valid upon paying minimum of 10% of total value of the package by your CIB-Travel Choice prepaid card and applied once per package.
  • Attractive Discounts in Various Stores in Egypt. Download Discounts Brochure
Convenience and Savings

  • Start now using your CIB Prepaid MasterCard®.
  • Stop at the nearest CIB ATM to select your 4 digit PIN.
  • Use your card for everyday purchases locally and internationally.
  • Get cash from more than 1 million ATMs worldwide (please ensure you obtained a PIN number from a CIB ATM).
  • Reload your card in Egyptian pounds from all CIB branches,Travel Choice and American Express Travel Services Egypt outlets & CIB Banknote Acceptance Machines (BNA) and while traveling, anyone can reload your card on your behalf at CIB branches and Travel Choice and American Express Travel Services Egypt outlets just with the card number and expiry date.
  • Use your card to pay your postpaid Mobinil bill and Vodafone prepaid recharging through CIB ATMs.
  • Pay less using CIB Prepaid MasterCard® and benefit from up to 25% discounts at various merchants in Egypt.
Security & Control

  • Enjoy shopping online using the 16 digit card number, Card Validation Value (last 3 digits on the back of the card) and the card's expiration date.
  • Report your lost or stolen card to the CIB call center 19666 (24/7) to block your card and request a replacement card.
  • Receive SMS on your mobile after every transaction.
Get acquainted with your CIB Prepaid MasterCard®

Parameter Value
Card Purchase Fees EGP 30
Maximum Card Balance EGP 70,000
Maximum Annual Load EGP 70,000
Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit EGP 5,000
Maximum Daily Purchase Limit EGP 20,000
Maximum Daily Count Of Purchase Transactions 10 Transactions
Cash Withdrawal Fees Free at CIB ATMs
Non CIB ATMs: 2%min. EGP 20
ATMs outside Egypt: 4%min. EGP 20
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement Fees EGP 10
Reload Fees EGP 10 @ CIB branches
EGP 10 @ Travel Choice Outlets
Free @ CIB Banknote Acceptance machines (BNAs)
Minimum Reload Amount EGP 10**
Foreign Exchange Markup 4%
Maximum Monthly Foreign Currency Limit for Purchase and Cash Withdrawal EGP 500

** Equivalent to the reload fees to be deducted from the card's balance.
Note: Each card holder is permitted one valid card only at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How is the card activated and when can I start using it?
A: Your card is activated at time of purchase and initial loading so you can start using your card immediately. You only have to visit the nearest CIB ATM for a self selected 4 digit PIN to be able to use the card for ATM services and retail shopping abroad.

Q: Can I use any ATM to select my PIN?
A: PIN selection has to be done through CIB ATMs only.

Q: What will I need the PIN for?
A: The PIN is required for cash withdrawal transactions, balance inquiry, recharging your prepaid mobile or paying your bills via CIB ATMs and for card loading via CIB Banknote Acceptance Machines (BNAs).

Q: What is the card's expiration date?
A: The card is valid for up to 2 years; please refer to the front side of the card for the validation period.

Q: Will the card be renewed automatically?
A: When the card is expired, a new card needs to be purchased as the card is non-renewable.

Q: What shall I do if I lost the card?
A: You have to contact the CIB Call Center operating 24/7 immediately on 19666 or +20219666 from outside Egypt, in order to suspend the card and replace it.

Q: How will I get the replacement card?
A: The new card will be delivered to your local mailing address for personal delivery or can be sent outside Egypt for additional charges. In such case, you have to contact CIB Call Center on 19666 or +202 19666 from outside Egypt for card activation.

Q: How is the card reloaded?
A: Visit the nearest CIB branch or Travel Choice Egypt outlet and request the reload of the desired amount. Reloads can also be done at CIB Banknote Acceptance Machines (BNAs) where you have to enter your formerly self-selected PIN.

Q: What if I am overseas and need to reload the card?
A: As the card can only be reloaded in Egypt, anyone on your behalf, can visit any CIB branch or Travel Choice Egypt outlet and load the card just by using the card number and expiry date without having the physical card.

Q: Can I use the card on the internet?
A: The card can be used on the internet for online purchases, reservations and bill payments. The required data would be the 16 digit card number, Card Validation Value (last 3 digits on the back of the card) and the card's expiration date.

Q: Is there any risk of fraud?
A: The card is perfectly secured and upon each successfully authorized transaction, an SMS will be sent to your mobile number registered at CIB.

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